Day: July 2, 2020

Top 75 Diabetes Instagram Influencers most followed in 2020

Diabetic issues Instagrammers

one.Bella Bucchiotti

BioLover of Life + Ray of Sunshine ❣️ Wanderer 📍 Kind one Diabetic + Celiac ✨ Foodie 🍒 Pet dog momma to @beau_the_brittany 🐶 💌 [email protected]   Instagram Handle Followers   201000  Site Site   Liverpool, United Kingdom


Biochicago t1d | celiac often amusing #diabetesinrealtime 💥   Instagram Handle Followers   133000 Site   Detroit, Michigan, United States

three.Michelle McMacken

BioBoard-accredited internal medicine doctor Passionate about stopping & reversing long-term illness as a result of evidence-primarily based diet Plant eater 🍏 www.nychealthandhospitalsorg/bellevue/wellbeing-care-providers/plant-primarily based-lifestyle-medicine-program   Instagram Handle Followers   120000

four.Robby Barbaro

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