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How to Upgrade an Old Property

How to Upgrade an Old Property

Period properties can be incredibly attractive, particularly if they still have those gorgeous characteristics that add a certain charm and are aesthetically pleasing. While these kinds of properties can be desirable, ones that haven’t been renovated for decades can also be a lot of work for their new owners.

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Image by Ernie A. Stephens from Pixabay

As much as you may admire the architecture and other features of a period property, you still want to live in a home that can offer you modern comfort. So, if you are planning to invest in an old property to fix it up, here are some key things to upgrade.

The Electrics

Always make sure you are getting the wiring and lighting fixtures checked out during the property inspection. This is important no matter when the property was built, but older houses might have outdated wiring if they have been vacant for a while or if renovation work has been done in previous years. You might also find that you want to add electrical outlets or lighting fixtures for your convenience, and you will need expert electricians for the job.

The Plumbing

Another vital upgrade you might need to focus on for your older property is the plumbing system. All toilets need to flush; showers must run, as well as all of the faucets in your home. This can also impact your central heating system, so make sure you aren’t cutting corners when it comes to renovating the plumbing in your period property. If you are remodeling the bathroom or kitchen, you might need to consider where to move pipes to accommodate these new layouts and designs.

Air Conditioning and Heaters

If you do live in a part of the world where air conditioning is necessary, you might want to think about whether or not your period property has a system for this already – or whether or not it still works properly. This could also apply to any additional heating systems you want in the house to stay warm during the winter. Companies such as Beehive Heating and Air are excellent HVAC contractors that could carry out this kind of work for you.


Another key area you want to look at in an older property is the quality of the insulation it has. Over time, these materials could break down, or the house may not have had great insulation, to begin with. Improving this will help you create a more sustainable and comfortable living environment, so this is always worth investing in.

Replace the Windows

If you want your home to be well-insulated, then ideally, you want to have at least double-glazed windows throughout the property. Original windows might be pretty features, particularly if they are stained glass, but it could be worth replacing this for a more efficient home. You could always have new panes put in that copy the old design, or find another way to preserve this feature while creating a better, modern living environment.

If you would like to work on renovating a period property, make sure to check all of these areas, as these will be some of the key things you will need to modernize for an ideal living space.