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Living Room Trends 2023 To Jazz Up Your Home

Living Room Trends 2023 To Jazz Up Your Home

Another year is soon going to end soon. But the interior design industry doesn’t seem to show any signs of slowing down just yet. If you are looking forward to sprucing up your home for the upcoming year, you will be thrilled to know about several stunning living room trends 2023. however, you’d obviously need to go with just one trend that enhances your living room. Meanwhile, it must add aesthetic yet practical appeal to the given space.

A living room is one place where we often spend most of our time. Whether it is to watch the TV the entire day, snuggle up on a couch while reading a book, or entertain guests. This one room is ideal to accommodate all your entertainment and relaxation needs. Therefore, this specific room needs your special attention, as it is the very first room that your guests see as they enter your living space.

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That’s why we have come up with the best living room trends 2023 for you to update your living room decor before anyone else in your neighborhood.

Go For Japandi-Style Minimalism

living room trends 2022
Image: Vecteezy

Japandi style is a blend of two wonderful cultures – Japanese and Scandinavian. These two designs celebrate neutral tones, streamlined spaces, and a touch of nature. That’s why the Japandi style is one of the popular living room design trends in the coming year. The natural tones and textures of this particular design are likely to add warmth to the interior without making the minimalist touch make the space feel bare. Meanwhile, you will feel calmer and grounded as this trend promotes an uncluttered atmosphere.

Add Mindfulness to the Given Space With Color Scheme

living room trends 2023
Image: Arredare Moderno

The last few years have literally taken a toll on everybody. However, these years have also taught us the significance of self-care. Now we all feel as if we have come out of the tough times. Therefore, there is more demand for adding mindfulness into the given space. The popular hues for promoting mindfulness are mauve, dusty purple, and lavender tones.

Since purple and lavender are known for their soothing properties when it comes to alleviating stress and anxiety. So, why not deck up the walls using any of these stunning color options to recharge your soul every day? You may consider creating a lavender and purple living room using a purple couch on light wooden flooring.

Allow Terrazzo To Shine Through

living room colour trends 2023
Image: Wallsauce

Nowadays terrazzo is not just limited to flooring. We can enjoy patterned terrazzo tiles on walls too. And, in 2023, the terrazzo will make a big comeback. Hence, it will be one of the favorites on many people’s lists. You don’t have to worry about the price of wall lining with terrazzo tiles. It is because you can easily attain a similar look using a mural with a terrazzo effect.

The best thing about its design is that it lets you control how colorful or patterned you want to go. If you wish to embrace this new trend, it’s best to choose an earthy-toned mural. You can use brown seating for combining it with the color of the mural. Also, consider adding dashes of contrasting hues, like black or green for finishing off the style.

Curved Furniture in a Subtle Living Room

living room furniture trends 2023
Image: Decorpad

When you add curved furniture to your living space, it makes the interior appear more stylish and dynamic. And, this is the next’s year big trend for living rooms. The sweeping, soft arches or rounded corners are ideal for softening any given room. Meanwhile, it makes the given space appear more cozier and inviting. You may attain the curvy interior via various mediums. Seating, rugs, coffee tables, etc. In case, you are feeling creative, consider painting on an arch or sweeping your curvature directly on a wall. The curves are ideal to draw eyes away from the harsh lines. They are even good to use even if you have a smaller room, as they can elongate the given space.

Add a Touch of Nature To a Living Room

Add a Touch of Nature To a Living Room
Image: Wallsauce

Well, this trend has been around for many years now and it will go strong even in 2023. After all, who doesn’t love to add live plants to their homes? The plants not only add an aesthetic touch to an interior but also make the areas feel soothing. Thanks to your love for the outdoors and nature, you can easily breathe life into a living room by adding a series of indoor plants. Depending on what plants you pick, you may create a subtle interior greenhouse for your living space. Or you may go deep into creating a jungle vibe. This is possible with the addition of hanging plants from a ceiling or adding a high-space bookshelf while adding trailing foliage into the given area.

Add Earthy Tones For Cozy Feel

Living Room Trends 2023 Add Earthy Tones For Cozy Feel
Image: The Nordroom

Brown is will be the trendy color for the living room trends in 2023. You may choose from spiced pumpkin, burnt orange, terracotta, or soft clay tones for adding rich earthy tones to your living room. All these autumn-influenced color palettes are ideal to make your space appear cozy and warm. Simply mix these colors with darker greys and white textured fabrics for recreating a living room trend that everyone will admire.

Add a Stunning Mural For Luxe Effect

Living Room Trends 2023 Add a Stunning Mural For Luxe Effect
Image: Wallsauce

Want to make your interior stand out? If so, add a golden-effect mural on a wall for accessorizing the interior space. It is vital to add an outstanding decor piece to your interior without breaking the bank. It would be an ideal feature for your wall. Plus, it will help you accessorize the rest of the area with ease. You can also choose muted golden cushions or other metallic accents, like brushed bronze or brass lighting or dipped plant pots. All these accessories along with a stunning mural will make your living room appear effortlessly luxurious.

Rattan Furniture and Accessories

Living Room Trends 2023 Rattan Furniture and Accessories
Image: Home Design Lover

No wonder rattan accessories and furniture are on trend again. This subtle furniture and accessories will look perfect with a Japandi-style interior. Hence, the rattan is an ideal choice for 2023. It helps in encompassing both earthy tones and making a connection with nature. Both these are stunning elements to make your interior feel connected with nature. Rattan is also eco-friendly and holds warmth to make it feel close to the heart of nature.

This furniture material is best for people who don’t like bulky furniture and desire to deck their interior with an eco-friendly, natural vibe. You may select rattan in any form – bet it cupboard doors to seating, baskets, and tables. Furthermore, mix rattan furniture and accessories with live plants to accentuate the naturalistic theme.

Go Sustainable

Living Room Trends 2023 Go Sustainable
Image: Biofriendly Planet

We all have a deep urge nowadays to heal the planet. For this, everyone is considering recycling every possible material around us. That’s why sustainability has become a major trend that will surely ring into 2023 as well. You may consider using eco-friendly wallpapers made of water-based inks. This makes them a very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission material for adding environmentally-friendly touch to an interior.

Also, consider using made-to-measure wallpapers for your wall dimensions. This helps in eliminating waste products. If you like the seasonal changes in your interior, go for a mural with a peel-and-stick option. Such wallpapers are available in a recyclable range. So, you may switch your living room wallpaper without any guilty of hurting the environment.

So, these are some of the amazing living room trends 2023 to consider for transforming your home. Let us know which trend is your favorite out of the given options.