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Yellow kitchen and a pink bedroom

Yellow kitchen and a pink bedroom

A yellow kitchen with white tiles and black grout

A yellow kitchen and a pink bedroom are two very characteristic elements to be added to one single apartment, but the owners of this beautiful Swedish home were able to pick out softer shades of pink and yellow for a color scheme that is elegant and sophisticated.

A yellow kitchen with white tiles and black grout

Is yellow a good color for a kitchen?

Yellow sounds like quite the daring color for a kitchen, yet it’s all bout the intensity and saturation of the paint colour. A bright yellow might be too bold for your taste, yet a more nuanced shade like these mustard yellow kitchen cabinets has a sophisticated look with a visual warmth coming from the area.

What color matches a yellow kitchen?

Combine yellow kitchen cabinets with natural elements to accentuate the visual warmth of the space. In this beautiful Swedish home, the yellow cabinets have been combined with a natural wood dining table and chairs for an eat-in kitchen and the walls of the adjacent living area have been painted in grey with green undertones.

The white tiles with black grout add a certain lightness to the space and the beige marble countertops enhance the visual warmth coming from the yellow kitchen cabinets. The layout of the kitchen consists mainly out of base cabinets, with a few open shelves added on the top for a lighter look since so much of the white backsplash is visible.

On the other side of the space you can find a large built-in cabinet next to the niche that has been turned into a pantry. This is something that was carefully planned out together with the kitchen renovation. Note that the white tiles come back in the pantry as well, which is a nice touch.

A soft pink bedroom

The blush pink wall color has been used on almost every single surface in this bedroom, apart from the ceiling and the door and window moldings, which have been kept white. The soft pink paint color has been complemented with wood accents and rustic textures in the many natural baskets that are spread throughout the space.

The open shelving in the little niche at the foot of the bed was painted in the same pink paint color, which gives the space a very cohesive look enhanced with little details in natural shades.

Is pink a good color for a bedroom?

You want your bedroom to be a place of rest and tranquility, so while a nude or soft pink works nicely, a hot pink would be way too stimulating in my opinion. Another aspect to pay attention to is pink tones that remind of little girls rooms, which pastels tend to do. Make sure you find the perfect shade and your bedroom will look sophisticated.

Pink bedrooms and how you can make them work

If you are unsure about making the commitment, you can always try an accent wall instead of a full pink room. Pick the wall behind your bed and this wall will serve as a pink headboard of sorts which you can match up with throw pillows in terracotta tints for a cohesive look.

A pink headboard is perfect for adding a touch of pink to the bedroom without having to paint your walls. Since a headboard is quite a large surface, it will have a similar, yet more subtle effect in the room.

Which pink colour is best for a bedroom?

The pink walls in this particular bedroom turn the natural light coming from the window into a soft glow, an effect you would only have with a nude pink paint color on the lighter spectrum of the color wheel.

I you are thinking about pink walls in your bedroom or another room in your home, it’s really important to settle for the right shade (you don’t want to end up with anything nearing hot pink or too pastel), so buying a tester is absolutely crucial as the shade of the paint can depend on the direction of the natural light coming into the room.

some pink paint colors you might want to buy a tester from:

Templeton pink from is a subtle pink when much natural light hits the space, yet has a deeper touch when used in rooms with low light.

Sulking room pink from is a warm, powdery pink for a more intense look which will add depth and pairs up nicely with whites and green.

Other pink bedroom ideas to take inspiration from

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out these other pink bedroom ideas to turn a boring white space into an interesting interior with pink walls:

  • A pink bedroom with pink drapes to separate the bedroom from the rest of the space here

  • A pink bedroom with blush pink walls and black accents in a gorgeous turn-of-the-century home here.

  • A small pink bedroom with dusty pink walls here.

  • An eclectic pink bedroom with a pink headboard and vintage pieces here.

A classy bathroom with white tiles and black grout

The subtle pink drapes that are used in this bathroom are a hint to the colour scheme in the bathroom, which is such a nice touch. The green tiles and the classy freestanding tub add so much character to this space and the same white tiles with black grout from the kitchen can be found in the bathroom as well for a coherent use of materials.

Styled by Lindholm, photographed by Johanson for Historiska Hem