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Which Will Help You Sell More on Amazon: Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Which Amazon Seller Tool Is Better? | Helium 10

One of the Amazon tools, such as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout, is used by more than half of Amazon merchants. Some claim that the goods are comparable. For a number of reasons, some people are devoted supporters of one side over the other.  As an Amazon seller you should know about helium 10 vs junglescout

Amazon sellers using Jungle Scout or Helium 10 require precise data to inform their choices. Due to Jungle Scout’s lengthy history of data collection and analysis and its origin as a tool for product development, it can currently offer the most accurate models. All of Jungle Scout’s activities revolve around data: To give clients the most beneficial insights and the best Amazon selling platform, our data scientists, data engineers, and committed product development team make sure that data is accurate and choices are made using data. Of all Amazon seller software, Jungle Scout offers the best accuracy and smallest error margin. The industry’s most complete and accurate Amazon data is available from Jungle Scout. In actuality, the data from Helium 10 is 14% less accurate.

Learn About Selection on Usage Ease

Most newcomers should pay close attention to this section. Even aiming for an intuitive and user-friendly interface would be beneficial. If you use a tool for product research with a complicated UI, it could be intimidating. So let’s compare these two tools to see which is easier to use.

  • Jungle Scout: User-Friendly

With its simple design, Jungle Scout is very user-friendly for beginners. Researching products is simple because everything is displayed on the dashboard. You simply need to set particular filters to assist narrow your results, such as areas, targeted keywords, and seller types. When you’re finished with the filters, click the search button to receive the outcomes you want.

  • Helium 10: User-Friendly

Helium, like the Jungle on the dashboard, has a straightforward layout but calls for a few steps. For instance, in order to use the Black box, you must click on it. Although it might seem like a simple process, newcomers may find it a little overwhelming.

Final thoughts

With Jungle Scout’s margin of error for the estimated sales of the product at 15.9% (i.e., 100% minus the 84.1% accuracy rate), there is an approximately 16% probability that the listing will underperform in some fashion, whether it sells half of its inventory or none at all. With an accuracy of 74%, Helium 10 has a wider margin of error than Jungle Scout. Let’s imagine we discover a product with 500 monthly sales, according to Helium 10. And, as previously, we locate a producer who would produce it for $5 per unit and allow us to purchase three months’ worth of stock for $7,500.

The finest tool for novices and product research is the Jungle Scout. On the other hand, Helium 10 is generally the best but is not very welcoming to new vendors. Helium 10 is typically a little bit more comprehensive than Jungle Scout. However, if all you need is a cheap product research tool, Jungle Scout will be preferable.