Trim and Edge your Yard like a Pro

Occur learn how to accomplish professional-wanting success when accomplishing your own lawn servicing. 

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Lawn Maintenance Tips For Trimming And Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 38

This write-up, Trim and Edge Your Property Like a Professional, is built in partnership with STIHL.  All views (and garden work) are my own.


Positive aspects of accomplishing your own lawn servicing:

  1. Currently being outside, having fun with the temperature, maybe finding some additional vitamin D!
  2. Observing fast success when you are completed.
  3. Utilizing the time to “read” or just get contemplating.  I have been listening to an uplifting, motivational, or imagined provoking audiobook or podcast when I work.
  4. Not possessing to spend a person.
  5. Finding actual physical training.

Finding out to trim, edge and cleanup soon after as element of your lawn maintanence regimen is the difference involving an all right occupation mowing and a clean up, gorgeous garden.  I requested my hubby to assistance tutor me in the means of lawn servicing.  He had a lawn care company in higher education and worked for a provider by means of significant college, so he’s bought abilities!


four-Step Garden Maintenance Regime for a Professional-Wanting End result

  1. Edge alongside the concrete, brick surfaces, exactly where the grass would commence to creep in excess of horizontally or backyard bed and tree ring edges.
  2. Mow and bag the grass.
  3. Trim the excess tall grass alongside the edges of items, that the mower could not get.
  4. Blow off any loose grime or grass clippings again onto the grass, from the mower, trimmer and edger.

Instruments for most effective lawn servicing:

You can locate your neighborhood Stihl dealer right here.

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The simplicity of the battery-powered equipment with the STIHL Lightning Battery System® has me so happy!  With gasoline-powered equipment, I wanted assistance to get the equipment started out, but now I can do it!  (The edger is gasoline-powered, but I’m functioning on it!)

Tips For Trimming And Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 16

Garden Maintenance: 9 Recommendations for employing a String Trimmer

learn to do your own lawn maintenance Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 23

Trimming presents your lawn a wonderful clean up appear, like just soon after finding a new haircut.  Believe of mowing the garden without having trimming as a mullet…  but it is 2018 and the 80’s known as and they want their hairstyles back… so give that lawn a trim! 

Idea #one: Wear protection glasses.

Always use protection glasses when trimming.  A good friend utilized my trimmer once and I instructed him to be absolutely sure to use protection glasses. When he returned the trimmer he stated, “I should have worn the protection glasses simply because a rock flew up and strike me in the eye.”  Protect your eyes – use the glasses.  You will thank me later.

Tips to Trim And Edge Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 17

Idea #2: Mow the lawn 1st.

The lawn mower will get the bulk of the grass and will give you a reference stage for the height the grass should be.  Mow as considerably as you can, remembering there are places the mower will not get, these as under shrubs, all over enjoy machines or trees, and up from the fence or partitions. 

Idea #3: Maintain the trimmer degree with the grass.

I am suitable-handed so I keep the trimmer set off with my suitable hand and are likely to wander to the suitable as I trim all over the garden.  Hold the trimmer degree to the grass so you will not slice far too deeply into the grass.  This is exactly where mowing 1st will come in actually handy simply because you can degree your trimmer with the slice grass and prevent in excess of-reducing the grass which createsg dried-up dead spots on the edges.

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Idea #four: Maintain the string trimmer so it discharges slice grass again onto the grass.

Help you save you some clean up-up time: when trimming all over hardscape (think sidewalks, driveways, rock mulch) configure the guard cover to ship the grass trimmings onto the lawn. 

Idea #five: Do the job gradual and continuous.

Primarily all over trees and vegetation, preserve your work gradual and continuous for an even outcome and for the protection of the relaxation of your landscaping.  Don’t slice into the bark of vegetation or trees, as this may well introduce sickness or bugs into the tree and can in the end get rid of or weaken your trees.  To preserve this from occurring, make a mulch-protected tree ring to guard the trees (more about this below).

Idea #six: Faucet the trimmer on the ground to extend the nylon string.

When you see the trimmer is not reducing as very well or as broadly, tap it on the ground to extend the string. (String feed may differ with trimmer type. Check your owner’s guide.)

Idea #seven: Strategy your way all over the garden.

To assistance preserve time and make absolutely sure all the edges get trimmed, commence trimming exactly where you want to finish up, so you will finish up exactly where you started out.  Commence like you are tracing an define all over the lawn.  If you move a tree or island/planter bed that wants trimming, wander to it and trim all over it, then wander again to exactly where you still left off of your define. This is the most efficient strategy and will also assistance make sure you don’t miss out on any spots.  When we trim our garden, we commence in the front garden, go all over the dwelling, by means of the gate to the again garden, complete the backyard, then appear again by means of the identical gate into the front garden to complete the front garden.

Idea #eight: Trim the cracks that are whole of weeds or undesirable grass.

In cracks or joints, you may well get weeds growing by means of.  Trim them at a slight angle as close to the concrete as probable.  Soon after the trimming you can pour straight (and tremendous low-priced) vinegar as a weed killer to reduce them from growing again. This is an natural and organic, low-priced and quickly readily available weed killer, and you can even have the little ones assistance with this element if you want.

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Idea #9: Preserve a protected distance

Be absolutely sure to preserve your ft and palms absent from the string at all instances.  Keep a protected distance absent from other people, I goal for 50’ or more. Be actually watchful all over windows and autos.


Garden Maintenance: 9 Recommendations and Makes use of for an Edger

An edger cuts grass vertically alongside the edges of the patios, paths, curbs, sidewalks or driveways.  This element of lawn servicing actually solidifies the professional appear.

Idea #one: Wear protection glasses when edging your garden.

Always use protection glasses.  The edger blade spins at a actually speedy fee which kicks up a good deal of grime and rocks. There is a guard, but nevertheless, be protected fairly than sorry!

Idea #2: Align the edger subsequent to the challenging surface area.

Align the reducing blade of the edger with the edge of the grass.  Pull the set off and the blade will commence spinning. Commence with the blade spinning in the grass at the edge of the concrete or challenging surface area.  You will experience the blade reducing by means of the grime. As it is spinning, you can allow it just contact the edge of the challenging surface area you are edging from. Stand on the still left and commence walking forward alongside the edge.  

Lawn maintenance tips For Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 30

Idea #3: Move the edger again and forth.

As you edge, go the edger forward and again to get a wonderful clean up slice.  Be aware that your 1st edging may well involve a bit more cleanup than subsequent edgings.  It is most effective to choose care of this early every period. Repairs on the edges will become a lot easier and quicker as the period progresses. 

Tips For Trimming And Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 31

Idea #four: Edge usually.

The more usually you edge the lawn, the a lot easier it is to do and the quicker the occupation goes.  Most of the time you can edge every other time you mow, but if you never ever or rarely edge, the grass will mature out in excess of the concrete, wanting shaggy and shrinking your walking house. Edging usually is very well worthy of your time!

Idea #five: Adjust the depth of the slice and spend awareness to your blade

Lower down at the very least ½” previous the edge of the surface area you are trimming.  Depending on your type of edger, you can modify the depth of the slice just before edging your garden.  As you use the edger, the blade will get worn and be smaller, so you will have to modify the depth. Recall that, soon after time, the edger blade will will need to be replaced. A single blade may well very last all period for a little garden edged every other week. More substantial yards or edging more usually will involve a blade alter quicker. 

Idea #six: Edge 1st, if you choose.

This may well actually audio like we are heading from everything we have talked about, but edging your garden In advance of mowing may well actually preserve you some time.  By edging 1st, you will be able to use the mower to assistance clean up up the slice grass and excess grime.  It will make for considerably less to clean up up in finish!

Idea #seven: Edge all over trees to make tree rings.

If you don’t have tree rings, you can quickly make 1 with an edger.  Draw a ring all over the tree at the very least 12” from the tree trunk with landscape paint (optional) then use an edger to slice alongside the line.  Dig out all the grass in the ring and fill it with mulch. This will preserve your tree a protected distance from the string trimmer or edger, protecting against any hurt to the tree bark.

Lawn maintenance, protect your trees, Stihl products from Remodelaholic

Tips For Trimming And Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 52

Idea #eight: Edge all over planter beds.

When edging your garden, use an edger to define the planter bed edge from the grass.  You do not will need to set up a hardscape edging system to preserve your beds wanting gorgeous.  Remove any undesirable grass and edge your garden every week to preserve it wonderful and clean up.

Idea #9: Use the correct gasoline to oil ratio.

This is primarily critical to extend the lifetime of your gasoline-powered engines. Fill the tank with the correct gasoline.  This Stihl design that we are employing employs a gasoline oil mix of 50:one. We procured the gasoline at the components retail outlet simply because it has the correct combination and a extensive shelf lifetime.  Also, be aware that gasoline you acquire at the gasoline station includes ethanol that will junk up your machines the correct gasoline mixtures at the components retail outlet are ethanol free.  You will have fewer servicing challenges down the street if you use the suitable gasoline every time.

Garden Maintenance: Utilizing your Blower

Now that everything is completed, blow all the grime and grass clippings all the way again onto the lawn.  Be watchful to precisely clean up off that brand new edge.  If you only blow the trimmings into the new slice edges of the grass (from the challenging surfaces), the create up of soil and debris will enables the grass to mature onto the surface area!

Tips For Trimming And Edging Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl @Remodelaholic 38

Now you can take pleasure in the gorgeous clean up appear of your garden.

What equipment do you like to use for your lawn servicing? Click right here to locate your neighborhood Stihl dealer. 

Trim And Edge Your Lawn Like A Pro With Stihl and Remodelaholic


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By the way, the blower is totally magnificent for currently being fanned when you are completed!

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I’d like to thank Stihl for not only partnering with me on this write-up but for currently being element of my relatives because I was a youngster!  We definitely like this enterprise!  My dad was a chainsaw woodcarver growing up… and just verify out this relatives picture all donning our orange Stihl shirts…(I’m the youngest on the finish!!)


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