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Tips for selling products quickly on eBay

7 Tips for Selling Items Fast on eBay

eBay has more than 1.2 billion listings, and sellers have to compete to have the attention of eBay’s 182 million active buyers. Some sellers on eBay have gained the skill of getting their listings to attract potential buyers’ attention, complete sales quickly, and get positive responses. On the other hand, things may not be as easy for new sellers. New sellers may find a hard time trying to convince potential buyers to buy their products. This article is about eBay and gives some essential tips that new sellers and any seller getting a hard time getting their products bought on eBay should follow. 

  1. Ensure you are always honest

Some individuals are more than willing to buy even items that are not in perfect or new condition so long as you are honest and straight about them. If the second-hand item you are selling has any flaws, include this in the description and have a picture of it so that potential buyers will check for themselves.  The worst thing you would wish to happen is to ship an item to a client and then afterward receive a message that it wasn’t what you had described. It is essential to know that the buyer can request a refund if the item received differs from what you’ve posted on the website. You should thus take your time to inspect any item you intend to sell on eBay. You can be excited about the fact that you have started your journey of selling on eBay, but if you sell an item that has crucial parts missing or is defective by any means, you will get a bad rating and bad reviews, which could ruin you selling career on eBay faster than you ever thought.

  1. Use Psychological pricing 

There are some psychological tips of pricing that have been proven to work successfully, and these include;

  • Decrease the number on the price tag’s far left-For example for an item with a price tag of $79.99 is more likely to attract buyers than one priced at $80.99
  • When possible, always ensure that you include two multiples of your price-For example, you can sell a 5×2 mat for $10 or an 8’ x 10’ carpet at $80. Such prices result in a number naturally sliding to a place in the mind of the buyer, causing it to feel right
  • Use numbers that have fewer syllables- If a price has longer words, the mind subconsciously registers the price as high when reading these words. A price such as $15.57 with six syllables can feel to be more expensive than $15.62, which has five syllables.
  • If you set a reserve price, for example, for an auction and you are revealing it to bidders, ensure you use an exact price such a $38.78 other than just a rounded one such as $40. This is because the rounded one looks like a number that has just been plucked from the air.
  • Include cents in rational purchases, and in emotional buys, consider deleting cents. Also, ensure that the price you set doesn’t look like it’s inflated by rounding it too much. For example, $899 seems a fair price, while $900 seems like it has been rounded off from the air.

By applying this psychological pricing strategy on your eBay items, you can significantly increase your sales.

  1. Catch the eyes of bargain hunters by starting bids low
    Though it may be enticing to list your items highly initially, to ensure that you get better sales in the long run, you should start your bids at low prices. Having low starting bids permits your goods to appeal to a much greater number of people, which further helps encourage competitive bids as items move towards their last bidding days. However, for niche products, which only avid collectors will hunt for, this tip can be ignored.
  1. Take your time and have appealing photos of the items that you are anticipating to sell
    It has been established that items posted with pictures are far more likely to sell than their counterparts without pictures. Posting your item with a photograph makes the item you intend to sell to look more credible to the buyer. When the picture looks decent, this increases the chances of potential buyers bidding, which intensifies your selling chances. Ensure that extra component of the products you are selling, such as instructional manuals, packs, and batteries, are included in the photos. Also, ensure the photos are clear. Having good quality pictures is one of the major tips that will ensure you get a seamless selling journey on eBay.

In conclusion, selling on eBay can seem like a simple activity involving just posting an item. However, this is not enough to help improve your sales and make your products sell faster. The tips above will help ensure you sell your items faster as well as increase sales. Review sites such as UK collected reviews can also help out see how clients give feedback on Items and thus help you post your items on eBay having incorporated the feedback.