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Shop the Pottery Barn x Rebecca Atwood Collection

When it comes to mixing striking prints and colors in an interior, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who does it better than Brooklyn-based textile designer and artist Rebecca Atwood. Pottery Barn just tapped Atwood to create a cheerful collection of patterned bedding, wallpaper, and home decor accessories, including throw pillows and framed artwork, that are all intended to be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. “Pattern is descriptive and personal, so it’s the perfect tool for telling your story at home,” says Atwood.

rebecca atwood

Textile designer Rebecca Atwood

Courtesy of Pottery Barn

For the collaboration, the designer turned to nature for inspiration, acknowledging that she aimed for each piece to feel classic but still informed by the way people decorate today. “When I chatted with Pottery Barn, I mentioned that I always want my home to be happy and calm,” Atwood explains. “We all agreed we wanted that, and so that is the mood I created the patterns for. For me, this meant looking to the natural world for textural references—like the soft rippling on the surface of a lake when it rains, a field of flowers, or the sedimentary layers of rocks. I added in some smaller textural prints to round things out.”

From colorful stripes to statement florals, there’s something for just about any design lover. Plus, in true Pottery Barn fashion, many of the items in the collection are affordable, with a set of four cotton napkins being just $32, throw pillows starting at $49.50, and 2’x8′ temporary wallpaper retailing for $85. The line also features organic cotton towels, a new product category for the creative.

“Prior to starting my own line, I had worked with many different retailers at all levels of the market, and I always enjoyed that process of designing for different customers, price points, and product categories,” says Atwood. “It was really wonderful to get to do that through the lens of my aesthetic for Pottery Barn’s customers.”