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Scam Warning: ‘Pay a Fine or Lose Your Real Estate License’

A rip-off noted out of Pa. especially targets actual estate licensees. The caller says the agent skipped jury duty and, except they pay a fine, may possibly shed their license.

HARRISBURG, Pa. – A license fraud isn’t new, but its look in the true estate field may be. In common, the scams convey to callers to “pay a charge or you are going to reduce your license.”

In an posting from the Pennsylvania Affiliation of Realtors, a county sheriff has described on a new fraud that instantly targets the genuine estate marketplace. According to an short article in “Just Detailed,” the association’s e-mail e-newsletter, “The scammers declare to be calling from a certain judge or sheriff’s business office and say that the individual has unsuccessful to clearly show up for jury duty, and now they have to pay out a fantastic or danger the reduction of their actual estate license.”

Sheriff Nicholas Chimienti Jr., the sheriff of Dauphin County, Pa., says the fraud has been reported in at least various counties. “I’ve spoken with quite a few genuine estate professionals about the earlier 7 days who have reported becoming victims of this style of rip-off. Authentic estate industry experts are currently being qualified … Sad to say, a lot of people today under no circumstances report these kinds of situations.”

Resource: Pennsylvania Association of Realtors

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