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Middle Class Indian Style Pooja Room Designs to Inspire You

35 Serene Puja Room Designs

There are many different pooja room designs available in the market. From compact and minimalist to large, intricately designed pooja rooms, you can choose any option as per your choice. However, you must keep in mind that the design strictly depends on your budget. Some are posh and high-end, while others are budget-friendly. Do not worry if you are working on a budget. There are plenty of affordable choices suited for the middle class. Hence, you will keep receiving divine blessings and enjoy a peaceful life. In case you are not sure about the design, pooja ghar designs you can consider:

01 of 0 A simple marble-step for Indian middle class homes

When you do not want to put too much effort into creating a pooja room for the interior design of your home, you can choose this option. A simple marble step is all you need. Many Indian middle-class homes have these pooja rooms. This is because this is an affordable option and does not require a lot of hassle. You just need to install one or more marble steps on the floor. It can become the base for your idols and other pooja room accessories. Also, you will not have to worry about free space. This pooja room can be created almost anywhere, even in your simple Indian middle class living room. Hence, if you are looking for a small and hassle-free pooja ghar design, you can choose this. 

02 of 0 A wall-mounted pooja room for Indian middle class homes

Middle class homes do not have a lot of free space. Hence, you will have to make use of floor space efficiently. A pooja ghar design placed on the floor can take up a lot of much-needed space. Hence, it is always better to choose options that use space smartly. For instance, a wall-mounted pooja space will be great for your home. It will make use of vertical space and provide more free floor space for the traffic. As a result, your simple Indian middle class living room or dining space will appear spacious. Just make sure that the wall-mounted pooja room complements the design of the surroundings. Also, wall-mounted pooja rooms are mainly available in wood. It will look great with your pooja accessories. 

03 of 0 Create a middle class Indian style pooja room with wall separators 

You will notice more pictures of deities than idols in some homes. This happens mostly when the pictures are old and have been passed on for generations. If your home has more pictures than idols of deities too, you can consider this idea. Wall shelf separators can help you to hang a lot of such frames. Just make sure that you check the size of the frames before fixing the separators. Now, the frames can be placed against the separator. However, if you feel that there are risks of the frames falling, you can nail them as well. For making this Indian middle class pooja ghar design more functional, install a built-in platform under it. It will allow you to place various items like diyas and incense sticks. 

04 of 0  White and gold middle class Indian pooja room 

Even if you are on a budget, it does not mean that you cannot create a well-designed pooja room. There are many affordable pooja room designs available to give the space a posh and luxurious appearance. For instance, adding elements of white and gold can make your pooja room appear stunning. It is one of the few combinations that can instantly make a space appear opulent. Come up with creative ideas like creating a temple stupi-like structure in white and golden. However, it can get a little expensive. Instead, you can just get a stupi-like sticker. It will give a 3-D look and elevate the interior design of your home

05 of 0 Use a wardrobe for creating a simple middle class Indian pooja room 

Buying a new mandir will cost you money. If you want to avoid making additional expenses, there are simple solutions as well. For instance, you can use an old wardrobe for your pooja room. Repurpose any old wardrobe lying around in your home or simply clear one out. It will offer plenty of shelves and cabinets for all your accessories. While the idols and pictures can go on the large open shelves, you can keep the rest of the items in the drawers and cabinets. You have to add a few small mounts to make the wardrobe usable. Consider repainting it if you feel that the wardrobe is appearing old. White would be a great option.