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Loft apartment with spiral stairs and floating shelves

Loft apartment with spiral stairs and floating shelves

Take a look at this beautiful one-of-a-kind home that features many points of visual interest: a spiral staircase in front of a wall filled with custom floating shelves, a minimal white kitchen with grey limestone countertops, and a moody bedroom with an interesting wall texture in shades of brown. This space is the work of WTP studios and has been long in the making.

A loft apartment with floating shelves behind a spiral staircase

A white kitchen with limestone countertops and floating shelves

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home and the design of the Nordiska Kök kitchen in this apartment certainly does not disappoint. The minimal white cupboards pair up nicely with the grey limestone countertops and backsplash, which adds an interesting texture and surface to the space.

The beautiful limestone backsplash goes all the way up, following the lines of the slanted ceiling. The limestone is used for a set of floating shelves as well, which adds an effortless style and elegance to the space.

Grey Limestone countertops

Limestone countertops are easy to clean, extremely durable, pleasant to touch and offer so much more texture and elegance than regular countertops because of the natural experience they add to the space. Limestone can stand the test of time and is a great material for countertops.

The grey tone of the limestone matches perfectly in a minimal kitchen design like this one and I love that it adds a cooler tone to the warm tints that can be found in the living room and bedroom

Floating shelves behind a spiral staircase

In the living room, the warmth coming from the custom-design floating shelving is striking and the wood surface is a perfect fit behind the spiral staircase. The wood shades of both the shelving and the exposed beam ceiling work really nicely together and the round dining table is the perfect fit to go along with it. Since the floating shelves take up so much attention, the sofa area is decorated very modestly in tints of beige.

Just like the limestone shelving in the kitchen, the shelves in the living room follow the layout of the room. Where the spiral staircase is located the shelves are less deep, which is a great space-saving solution and it ensures the shelving works in the space.

Various shades of brown in the bedroom

The bedroom has a deep and moody brown color on the wall, which is quite a daring color to choose for a small room, but it works great in this space. The design of the custom headboard matches the different shades of brown in the wall color and in the frame of the little antique mirror. The different brown shades are contrasted with a vintage wall lamp and simple white sheets finished off with a single beige throw pillow.

Various shades of brown in the bedroom of a beautiful loft apartment

A unique design for a unique layout

The design of this small loft home is unique and features a combination of warm and neutral materials for a characterful and elegant look. The floating shelves in wood and limestone add a bespoke element to the space which works great with the style and elements of the architecture.

The clean white kitchen with limestone countertops has a light and airy style that is timeless and of great quality, which ensures it can stay in the home just as it is for a decade at the least.

Designed by WTP studios, kitchen by Nordiska Kök, photography by Kristofer Johnsson