Is It A Good Idea To Renovate Your House During Christmas?

You know you are joyous, loving and cheerful in December. It’s almost time to bid farewell to the year, leaving you a little more experienced and a little more mature. But more importantly, December is the month of hope; hope that there will be happier days in the coming year, and the experience will be enriching. Children look forward to Christmas miracles and celebrations – the month of magic. Decorating a Christmas tree, lighting up the house and welcoming guests home makes us feel complete. And if a house renovation is on your mind, there isn’t a better time than Christmas!

Why should you renovate your house during Christmas?

Let’s look at all the points that will encourage and motivate you to renovate your house this Christmas.

1) Become Christmas ready

Christmas is a massive celebration in India, and the parties are grand. A Christmas party means a large gathering of loved ones, and you would want your house to be party-ready if you are the host. Getting the walls painted to match the design you have in mind, buying sturdy furniture items and giving your house a makeover with marvellous decor – all this and more, to impress your guests and make this Christmas a memorable celebration.

2) The weather is just right

If you have renovated your house during the summer or monsoon months, you know how difficult it can get to complete the task. Many contractors suggest renovating your home in December, as the weather is suitable and the vibes are perfect.

3) Make the most of the ‘End Of Year Sale Discounts’!

Several renovation items are available at cheaper rates during December to encourage customers to redecorate their houses just before New Year’s Eve. What better way than this to get the work done at a discounted rate? Check out the offers rolled by sellers and service providers online, and implement your project after thorough due diligence. 

If you do not want to miss out on the opportunities, avail of a personal loan to get instant cash. But before you do that, compare the personal loan interest rates offerings of financial institutions and take a well-thought decision.

4) December is the holiday month!

Several employees across India get to enjoy their Christmas holidays with their family members. A good mood and time to spare is the ideal combination to complete your renovation project. We, Indians, like to be prepared for the coming year. And to declutter your house, renovate it with the finest materials, and making it comfortable is eye-catching and considered auspicious. 

Things to remember while renovating your home

You cannot avoid the tasks of budgeting and planning. Remember that even after rigorous planning, there might be areas that you missed. So, be prepared for surprises and keep a time and budget buffer for the project. To renovate on a budget, consider DIY decorations and wall paintings. A lot of information and guidance is available on the web to help you with the task. Brainstorm, research and look for inspiration – make your house innovative and a representation of your personality. 

Experts advise refurbishing the kitchen first and utilising it to meet the primary needs. Modern-day furnishings will help you maximise storage space and give you an up-beat look.

A personal loan could be a saviour if you intend to purchase good-quality and long-lasting furniture items. Do not forget to check your personal loan eligibility and use the personal loan EMI calculator to know how much the instalments will be.

Parting thoughts

Do not rush the process. If redecorating gets overwhelming, slow down and re-think the path forward. Make your home look spectacular and enjoy your holidays!

Lorrie R. Pedigo

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