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How To Pack Pots and Pans: Home Improvement Professor

How To Pack Pots and Pans: Home Improvement Professor

Pots and pans are usually easy to maneuver because they are durable, but their awkward shape can make storage difficult, and they take up a lot of space. If you’re traveling around town or relatively on the edge of your home, you’ll pack your pots and pans in a garbage bag. But if you’re moving long distances or hiring a mover, you’ll need to pack the inlet trays for your pots and pans.

How do I pack my pots and pans during a box?

Most pots and pans require medium to large size moving boxes. If the pots and pans are lightweight and/or are often filled with other lightweight items, they are best packed in large boxes. If not, use smaller boxes so they aren’t too heavy. Unlike glassware and breakable items, pots and pans don’t need paper to protect them, with the exception of glass lids, but you will need a newspaper for packaging. You will also need packing tape and markers to seal the box and label it to fit in the right room.

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  • Place regular newspaper or slightly crumpled brown paper on the bottom of the moving box. Don’t crumple the paper into a decent ball, but allow it to expand at the bottom to prevent it from shifting during movement.
  • Make sure all pots and pans are clean and ready to pack. Remove the missing items and wrap them individually or place them inside the pots and secure them with duct tape.
  • Stack the pots and pans in groups of three, placing the small pots inside the large pots. The pots are often individually wrapped.
  • Wrap glass lids and other fragile or brittle items in paper or kitchen towels.
  • Pack nested pots and lids in a box. Place soft, flexible kitchen items, such as sponges, dishcloths, and towels, inside the empty spaces in the box to make sure they don’t shift during the move.
  • If you have space, you will add kitchen items on top. This is usually a great place to put a bag of flour, dried beans, or other kitchen items that won’t break.
  • Glue the box and write “kitchen” and an outline of the things you are packing. If the box contains fragile items, write “fragile” in large letters at the top and note which end of the box is at the top. If desired, you will also add variety to the box to mark the order in which it was unpacked.

Use Trash Bags for Short Moves

While most professional movers will tell you to always put your belongings in moving boxes, pots and pans are the best items to put in heavy-duty garbage bags, especially if you’re moving locally rather than long distance. Thinking of how to pack Pots and pans when moving locally? Well, it can be difficult to put in moving boxes, while trash bags are much easier to pack and unpack.

The only trick to this method is to tape the sharp corners so they don’t puncture the plastic bag or damage other moving items (or yourself). If the bag is opaque, you can create a label out of paper or card and tape the front of the label to the bag with duct tape. If the bag is transparent, you do not need a label because you’re not moving to a new state. Once the move is complete, fold or roll the bag up so that it can be reused later in the trash.