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How to Decide On The Right Bedding For Your Guest Bedroom ~ Fresh Design Blog

How to Decide On The Right Bedding For Your Guest Bedroom ~ Fresh Design Blog

Having guests come to stay is always exciting. It is the perfect time to take life at a slower pace, to take time to make memories and treat and pamper the important people in your life.   

The bedding for your guest’s beds hugely impacts how well they sleep and how refreshed and ready they are for a fun-packed day in the morning. In this post, we will look at how to decide on the right bedding for your guest bedroom to make their stay memorable for all the right reasons.   

Not all of your guests will be the same. Some will be hot sleepers, and others will still be a bit chilly in the middle of summer. So, choosing quality bedding which can cover all of these eventualities and keep your guests comfortable is essential.   

A soft and cosy haven

A bed with white linens and an upholstered headboard with a warm wood side table and metallic lamp
Photo by Tina Witherspoon on Unsplash

Climbing into soft, sumptuous and cosy bedding after a busy day has to be one of life’s little luxuries. Pick bedding which will stay soft even after frequent washing to help your guests feel comfortable. Ensure the sheets fit well, so they stay in place during the night when your guests are sleeping. This can also make changing the bed frequently less of a challenge.   

Adding layers of a duvet and a few blankets or throws will help your guest to be cosy without overheating, whether they are always warm or feel the cold. The blankets can be either folded down at the foot of the bed or left on a chair for your guests to add if needed.   

Breathable bedding  

Bedding made from natural materials, such as organic bamboo, is a great option. Bamboo is breathable and will ensure your guests stay warm and sleep comfortably without overheating. 

For example, bamboo bedding from Panda London is an excellent choice; made from silky bamboo fibre, it is breathable, easy to wash and hypoallergenic, which will help your guest sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make memories.  


Calming bedroom colour scheme for peaceful nights
Photo by Polly Alexandra on Unsplash

People are pretty unique with their pillow choices. Some like one wafer-thin pillow, while others like to be propped up. Like with the blankets, by giving your guests a few pillow options to choose from, you can ensure they will all be happy and find the perfect fit for them.    

Hypoallergenic materials  

Many people have allergies that make sleeping challenging. Choose hypoallergenic and antibacterial bedding, such as bamboo, which will help your guest sleep well, and make the bedding easier to wash without needing very hot temperatures and washing powders.    


Guest bedroom in calming neutral colours
Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Bedding in neutral tones will create a relaxing, tranquil space for our guests and make mixing and matching with blankets and throws easier.   

Be kind to the environment

If you are investing in new bedding for your guests, with a bit of research, you can find materials that will care for your guests and the environment. Look out for organic materials produced without harmful chemicals, which can damage the environment and the people who manufacture them. Organic bamboo is an excellent option. It can be made without chemicals and is sumptuously soft to help your guests feel cared for, cosy and relaxed.   

Having guests to stay with you is a real treat. Picking the right bedding for your guest bedroom will make them feel looked after and have a restful night’s sleep. So, they wake up ready to have a busy day making memories with family or great friends. The right bedding can also make life easier for you; choose bedding that is easy to change and wash when it is time to wave goodbye to your guest and prepare for the next ones.