13/07/2024 9:22 AM

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Friday Feedback: Have you had COVID-19?

There have now been extra than 4.8 million cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., resulting in upwards of 158,000 deaths. But even as different industries have pivoted to virtual environments to preserve staff harmless, lots of development workers’ ordeals have been unique.

A number of development careers were deemed vital from the commencing of the pandemic, and due to the actual physical nature of development, doing work remotely has typically not been an solution. 

As development staff have ongoing to report to the jobsite, they’ve run the risk of publicity to the virus at a larger level than personnel who telecommute. Outbreaks have occurred at jobsites around the region. 

Building staff have had to make your mind up in between enhanced risk to gather a paycheck, or getting safer by remaining at home, but getting a hit to their cash flow. It can be a harrowing decision for some. 

Presented construction’s ongoing operation through the pandemic, Building Dive wants to know how our readers have individually been impacted by COVID-19, and what your major concerns are around continuing to go to work. Response our brief survey and have your voice listened to. The success of this week’s survey will be revealed future 7 days.