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Check out the secret to making your hair look voluminous, seamless and thicker!

Check out the secret to making your hair look voluminous, seamless and thicker!

You know that when we are really stressed or sad, our head starts to hurt. All that bad energy is connected to our hair. They say getting a new, fresh haircut is like getting rid of that energy. I personally feel like a brand-new person after my visits to the hairdresser. Now imagine that you dared to choose one of the trendiest hairstyles at the moment? This would be the TikTok trendy U-shape haircut. What is the u shaped haircut? Who can wear it according to face shape, hair length and style? Keep on reading to find out more!

What is the U-shape haircut?

U-shape haircut gained a lot of popularity recently on TikTok, with it being the ultimate volume hairstyle. Essentially, it is a haircut that has a lot of layers, which adds movement to your hair. If I have to explain it in details the back and the middle of the hair is longer that the sides, the ends are rounded which gives it this U-shape. It is similar to the V-shape haircut and the wolf haircut. I personally see it as a very classy, elegant hairstyle that will make your hair bouncy and luscious looking. It also has a bit of that 90’s vibe, which I love.

Check out the secret to making your hair look voluminous, seamless and thicker!


Who can rock the U-shape haircut?


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You are wondering if U-shape haircut is for you? Let’s find out if that is the case. When choosing the right haircut, there are usually several things you should take into consideration. I mean, it is not like doing your nails, no mistakes are allowed here! If you are going to chop it off a little bit, you will have to wait for it to grow back a longer time. However, when it comes to the U-shape haircut, it goes with every face shape. The way the layers are done really frames your face, and it gives it this softer look.

Is U-shape haircut for thin hair or thick hair?

tiktok trend u shape hairstyle how to style it trendy viral


I always have dreamed of having a thicker hair, however, my genetics are telling me otherwise. But what if there’s a trick to make it look thick? This is exactly what U-shape haircut does. For girls with thin hair, it is essential to add more volume, which comes from the layers that will make your hair bouncy. According to many hairdressers, this kind of haircut makes your hair appear thicker, and it gives it life. When it comes to colors, it goes with all of them. If you already have a thick hair, you can ask for more layers in the middle and side parts. This technique will reduce weight by adding dimension. There are also many different styles that you can do with the U-shape haircut.

Different hairstyles for the U-shape haircut

hailey bieber u shaped haircut trendy hairstyle fashion 2022 viral

I want to wear mine like Hailey Bieber! If you know how many times I have used this phrase, probably over a hundred. The reason is that if Hailey has something, then it is a trend. Here, we see her with a very subtle U-shape haircut. We all know that she always goes for the classiest looks, and again she did not disappoint! This haircut will give you a seamless, natural look!

1. U-shape haircut on long thick hair

u shape haircut hairstyle trendy 2022 tiktok trends fashion

For the ladies out there with a long hair, it is so much easier to experiment and play with different hairstyles. Are you brave enough to try the U-cut? Trust me, your hair will look so healthy, flawless, luxurious, and sleek. I think you should run, not walk, to your hairdresser and ask them to give you this flowing haircut!

2. U-shape bob haircut

u shape bob haircut hairstyle 2022 trendy

Bob hairstyle is defiantly trending right now. Many girls and women are experimenting with the different styles, and we see many models rocking this haircut on the catwalks. However, combing a bob haircut with a U-shape one will help you enhance the bombshell vibes that you are giving! It goes well with every face shape out there. If you want another inspiration, you can check the best fall 2022 bob haircuts.

3. Straight hair and U-shape haircut

mila kunis u shape haircut hairstyle trending tiktok viral 2022

If you have a straight hair, and you are sick of this dull, typical look with no volume, try adding layers and making the U-cut hairstyle. It will elongate your face and give you this effortlessly stylish look. Let’s not forget that it was a signature hairstyle for Mila Kunis and Jennifer Aniston, and with a good reason!

4. Curly hair – don’t care: U-shape

u cut hairstyle curly hair trend volume layers

Curly hair already has so much volume and U-cut hairstyle is all about it, right? But your surprise, it actually works for my curly girls out there too. The long layers will remove some of the weight and will show off the hair natural texture in a very gentle way. It will soften the look a bit.