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Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe For Babies?

Are Polypropylene Rugs Safe For Babies?

are polypropylene rugs safe for babies

In a household that has a baby of babies, it’s obvious to ask such questions like are polypropylene rugs safe for babies? Polypropylene being a substance that can cause problems such as off gassing, it’s not unreal to ask such questions.

While these rugs hold a bad reputation, not necessarily they are directly harmful for babies. So, this means yes, you can use polypropylene rugs in the nursery room of your baby. But there are a few things that you should know regarding what these represent and how polypropylene rugs need to be maintained.

Let’s not jump into the discussion like that. let’s start with something more simple like an introduction.

What is a Polypropylene Rug?

what is polypropylene rug
Credit: sisalcarpet.com

Polypropylene rug are certain rugs that are made out of propylene polymer. Though these rugs may feel like they are made out of sisal, a plant used for making rugs, the entire materialist approach behind this rug is 100% synthetic.

Yes, synthetic rugs have their own bad reputation, enough to make people reject them just by saying the word synthetic. Yet, they can be a great substitute towards not cutting down sisal trees in order to make such a rug.

Polypropylene is mainly used as a base material for making packaging, textile, etc. Just think, the material that is being actively used for making clothes, how can it possibly cause any harm?

But as sad as it may sound, polypropylene is a highly flammable material. Even though the textile itself is compromised to the flames, most sportwear is made out of it. So, you can understand how much dependency there is on this product.

Is a Polypropylene rug toxic?

Any synthetic material, if swallowed can cause a toxic reaction in a person’s stomach and even cause death. But do you see any sportsmen chew on their shorts or jersey? Not in a million times.

Yes, polypropylene can actively contain toxic dyes. This means, a toxic coating over a toxic base. But the thing is no one is actually putting their mouth on the synthetic fiber rugs, And in the case of the wool rugs, they can also capture germs and contain harmful chemicals on their heavy exterior.

So, yes, polypropylene rugs are toxic. But you don’t have to worry about the balance in the rooms they are kept in because they will not cause any issues to imbalance the ambience of the room they are spread in.

 What kind of rugs are safe for babies?

I understand how much cautious a parent can be about the wellbeing of their little angels. So, even if we are making changes like putting in a rug in the baby’s nursery, it obvious to ask such questions.

Yes, in the market there are some rugs available which are made of questionable materials. Also, even the most commonly used one are compromised to questionable materials. In that regard, finding the best suited rug for your babies is a top priority.

Synthetic fibers can be somewhat harmful for the baby considering the fact that they can hold harsh chemicals within them. But they are highly stain resistant and a baby nursery can be a very dirty place considering how hard it is to handle a baby.

So, synthetic rugs and carpets could be a choice but here are the type of rugs that are considered safe for babies.

Wool rugs:

Wool rugs as area rugs and carpets technically are the safest ones for placing in a baby nursery. A wool rug might not be stain resistant, but it is definitely hype-allergenic. Hypo-allergenic refers to not having any itchy effect.

So, your baby can play, sit and crawl around the wool rug placed in their nursery floor or in the house and they will remain calm and happy because there’s no itchy sensation going around their body.

Also, a wool rug is considered to be a very durable rug in terms of wear and tear. A baby room can have such heavy furniture like the crib and closets containing baby articles like clothes and others.

So, moving those heavy articles can technically destroy a rug if it’s not durable enough. Wool rug is extremely durable. So, even if the crib and the closets are constantly moved over the wool rug, they will not have any potential tear or wear on them even after years of use.

Cotton rugs

While wool rugs are an ideal choice because of being hypo-allergenic and comfy, they have a downside. Most people with sinus issues can’t keep woolen rugs because they capture a lot of dust.

That’s why they need to be dusted often. On the other hand, cotton rugs are fairly lightweight and cotton is a very breathable material. It can be spread on to the floor and have no adverse effect on the environment of the room whatsoever.

So, if you are cautious about having a light environment within the baby room or if anyone of you have sinus issues, it’s better to put in a cotton rug.

But the only downside is that they are not as durable as wool rugs because cotton fiber is designed to be breathable and lightweight, So, that means the heavy furniture can cause wear and tear to the cotton rugs.

Nylon Rugs

People keep constantly asking are nylon rugs safe for babies? The thing is just like a polypropylene rug, nylon rugs are also synthetic rugs. But the different between nylon rugs and polypropylene rugs is that nylon is not a harmful chemical.

Instead, it is a lightweight fiber that is used for making soft and comfortable rugs for babies. They are resistant to dust, mildew, stain resistant, and have an extremely smooth exterior which can keep your baby comfortable while they are crawling around.

Also, as nylon rugs are soft and light, most rugs contain very beautiful kid friendly designs. most nylon rugs often contain pictures of animals which can help the babies recognize different animals that help their brain development.

The design aspect aside, just like cotton rugs, nylon rugs are not wear and tear resistant. But if you as whether polypropylene rugs safe for babies in comparison with nylon rugs, I, consciously, will definitely back up nylon rugs.

Are polypropylene rugs safe for pets?

The factor of off-gassing may have some adverse effect on your pets. Still, it is acceptable to some extent. The safest play here would be picking up non-toxic rugs which lesser off-gassing than flame retardant polypropylene rugs.

So, this means in the case of pets, area rug materials are quite a concern. It’s better to stay away from conventional rugs and carpets along with polypropylene carpets and stick to floor covering made of nylon and such.

How long do polypropylene rugs off gas?

Polypropylene rugs can contain up to 40 different types of harmful gases that can cause problem in the household and especially for babies and pets. A Standard issue polypropylene rug can off gas for up to 5 years.

The best way to reduce the time of off gassing is getting your hands on such rugs that are not only made out of polypropylene yet a mixture of polypropylene and some other materials like nylon. That can substantially reduce the off-gassing period.

Things to consider before getting a rug for babies:

There are many factors that you have to consider before getting your hands on a rugs for babies. as babies can be very sensitive, it’s always good to check in whether you are getting your hands on something harmful or not. In that regard, follow the factors below to find the best rug for your baby


For babies, it is important to make sure that they are comfortable wherever they are. We can get this basic idea from the baby crib. the crib is to have a very soft bedding within because babies need soft surfaces to be comfortable.

That’s why while getting rugs, make sure they are soft enough so that your baby can play their peacefully without making any fuss.


The most important concern for any parent is whether their babies are safe or not. To make sure that they are safe, the basic idea is to keep them away from stuff that contain harmful and harsh chemicals.

In that regard, polypropylene rugs are a big no-no. As I have said, if you want to buy one, make sure those rugs are not only made of polypropylene Rather, the rugs should have a mixed combination of fabrics.


If you see you baby constantly crying after they have just spend some time on the rug, this means they are itchy. While wool is a great choice in that regard, you can also opt for cotton and nylon rugs.

A big no-no is jute rugs because they don’t have a smooth surface and can definitely cause severe itching for babies.

Fire retardant:

As I have said earlier, nothing in reality is fire retardant. But in a smaller scale, anything that is fire retardant will not catch on small fires and also can stop the fire if used correctly.

In that sense, nylon rugs and wool carpets can be pretty fire retardant. The idea of being fire retardant can depend on how the rug has been constructed. So, make sure when you are getting a rug, they mention that they are fire retardant on the box.

Final Words:

If you again ask whether polypropylene rugs safe for babies, the answer will never be yes directly. They can only be safe if they have mixed fabric. Yet, from my observation I never really suggest anyone to get synthetic rugs.

The safest choice is going for wool rugs, cotton rugs and if you absolutely have to; nylon rugs. You should keep your options limited to these three if you want your baby to remain safe, healthy and happy.