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7 ways to fit a new conservatory into a difficult space

7 ways to fit a new conservatory into a difficult space

Having an unusually-shaped garden doesn’t always mean that your dream conservatory is out of reach. If you would like to bring all the benefits a conservatory can give you – more space, light and an attractive look – you need to find the right space to have it in. First, look for what those in the know call ‘dead space’ – areas around your home that you aren’t making the most of. All of these can be transformed into a useable and attractive living space. If you’re simply looking for some space for a table and chairs where you can enjoy your breakfast watching the sun, you only need a few dozen square feet.

So, how do I fit a new conservatory into a difficult space?

Here are a few ideas to help you when considering how you could add a conservatory to your home:

  • Perhaps you have an L-shaped building that has the perfect corner which could be spruced up with a conservatory?
  • Do you have a flowerbed or lawn in your garden that’s seen better days? A conservatory is the perfect space for houseplants so you can still bring the outside into your home.
  • Is there some old patio space in your garden that you don’t make full use of?
  • What about that dilapidated porch that’s just full of junk now? That space could be transformed into a modern conservatory that will bring your home to life.
  • Rather than creating a brand new room as your conservatory, why not consider it as an extension of an existing one? Add a breakfast table and chairs to your kitchen where you can relax before you start your day. Or how about more room in your lounge where you can soak up the sun?
  • Even if the conservatory is on the small side, the light it will bring into your home will instantly open up the rest of your home and make it feel more spacious.
  • Why not create an open-plan space by adding bi-fold doors between your home and conservatory? This will give the conservatory more of an extension feel.

The conservatory experts

The traditional conservatory shapes don’t always suit every home and that’s where we come in. Here at SEHBAC, our bespoke conservatories are tailor-made to fit your home and lifestyle. Difficult spaces are no match for our experts. You choose everything from the shape and materials used to the colour and fittings inside to truly make it your own. Whether it’s an irregular-shaped boundary or an incline, we can find a solution that will add the wow factor to your home. Talk to our conservatory experts on 0800 666 444 or contact us online.