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Updating a Roaring 20s Craftsman | Historic Portland Remodel

Updating a Roaring 20s Craftsman | Historic Portland Remodel

Take a peek at our process as we remodel this incredible century-old home in one of Portland’s most historic neighborhoods! Site supervisor Brian Hering takes us through the process, giving insight into how we handle the unique needs of remodeling a hundred-year-old home for out-of-state clients. 

Using the inspired plans of architect Maria Cohen, we collaborated closely with designer Benjamin Silver to begin transforming what had been an aging house into a sturdy, beautiful home with a timeless feel. We rebuilt the fireplace and updated the trim, as well as expanded the dining room, kitchen, and bathroom to maximize and optimize the living space. The basement stairs were moved to a more central location for easier access, while the basement itself was gutted entirely and remodeled to include an entertainment room, bedroom, and bathroom. We also built a new closet and added more space in the primary bathroom, in addition to providing key structural upgrades to eliminate the dreaded floor creak so often found in houses that have settled out of level. The front door for this new home, along with a pair of French doors in the back, were custom-built by the expert woodworkers at the Hammer & Hand workshop. 

The process for remodeling a home in an historic zone requires intensive design review by an historic review board unique to the neighborhood. Retaining the exterior appearance of the home while still updating much of the building itself meant needing to take into account — and in some cases accommodate — past work.

By collaborating with architect Maria Cohen and designer Benjamin Silver, Hammer & Hand was able to make the home suit the needs of our modern clients while still maintaining its historic aesthetic charm. Portland’s historic homes can be tricky to remodel; but with the right team, we can meet the needs of the homeowner while also paying tribute to the history and uniqueness of the original.

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