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Top 5 Factors to Look Into While Buying an AC

Buying a new air conditioner? Keep these things in mind | Technology  News,The Indian Express

Buying an AC involves a lot of factors and features. You can look at many different options and buy the best AC online. Let us look at the top factors that can help you buy the air conditioners that would work best for you.

Top 5 factors to look into before buying an AC

Below are the top 5 factors you should look into before buying an air conditioner:

  1. Efficiency and rating 

Along with all the heavy appliances, you’ll find an energy efficiency rating labelled. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency needs every AC to have a label indicating the AC’s efficiency on a 5-star scale. The more the stars on the scale, the more efficient your AC will be.

  1. Inverter or non-inverter AC

AC inverters convert DC power into AC power. Within air conditioners, the AC power from the socket is converted into DC power and then turned back into AC power for the compressor. Inverter ACs are more dynamic with changing frequency, which allows the compressor to work effectively in a variable manner. As you can vary the capacity of the AC as per your needs, you can manage temperature better than traditional ACs.

  1. Tonnage

Capacity or tonnage is an important parameter to look into while selecting ACs. When you are trying to cool a room, you must look at its size, the ambient temperature of your region, number of heat sources, number of windows, and the surfaces that are exposed to sun. Such factors follow the simple thermodynamics principles. You can decide on tonnage by taking them into consideration. 

  1. Filters 

Filters can trap particles and perform the function of an air purifier. ACs may come with a replaceable filter module. This practice is commonly found in industrial HVAC systems installed for hospitals as well as clean rooms. Most home ACs do not require such advanced filters. While buying ACs, the ones that mention PPM statistics of known pollutants rather than general terms such as bacteria filters are the ones you should focus on. 

  1. Timers

Timers allow you to program your AC in a way so that you can operate it for a certain period before it shuts down automatically. If you want your room to be cooler when you are going to sleep and want the AC to shut down automatically after some time, this feature is useful.

Also, certain ACs have the capability to heat your rooms in winters. This feature can be helpful as it can reduce the number of appliances required at your home. Buy the best AC online at Tata CLiQ.