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Top 3 Platforms That Every Interior Designer Needs to Use

Top 3 Platforms That Every Interior Designer Needs to Use

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a fan-favorite in the interior design community. The platform allows designers to discover current trends and new inspirations. You can create your own boards that inspire your next project. Learn how to promote your interior design business.

How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest? 

  • Create A Business Profile – If you already have an account, then make sure to switch to a business profile in the “settings”. The business account gives users more tools and insights to strategically target potential new clients.
  • Pin & Boost Your Work – One of the best ways to advertise your business is on Pinterest. Create a regular pin and link it to your website, blog, and/or social media profile. Design an idea pin to educate and inform potential new clients. This is an amazing tool to prove your credibility and unique style on the platform. Pinterest also allows users to run ads and boost pins to reach a wider audience. Create a social media campaign on Pinterest to help bring in new clients.
  • Organize Your Pinterest Boards – curate boards that coordinate with past, present, and future projects. Actress, Mila Kunis, shared that she used the platform during the early stages of building her Los Angeles Farmhouse. She would curate boards and send them to her interior designers at Charles & Co. They would add designs they loved until they figured out the exact look that she wanted for her home. Designers can organize boards by room and add inspiration, products, and color schemes.

You can browse the Chirpyest community’s boards to get inspired here.

2. Chirpyest

Chirpyest offers several different tools to help interior designers save money and monetize their projects by shopping and sharing their recommendations! Members can earn up to 30% cash back with the browser extension, shopping board, and share with friends tool.

Browser Extension  – The easiest way to save money is by shopping for clients or staging projects and earning cash back. The Chirpyest bird will find you while you shop and all you have to do is click “activate.” After you reach the $5 minimum, your money will be sent to your PayPal.

Share With Friends – Have you ever heard of affiliate links? Now you can make your own. Copy and paste a link from one of Chirpyest’s affiliated brand sites to convert it to a Chirpyest share link and earn cash back if people shop it!

Shopping Board – Interior designers can add items to their Chirpyest boards, then they can share the URL with friends, followers, and/or clients. By driving traffic to the board, when someone makes a purchase from the added products, then designers can earn cash back.

1. TikTok 

TikTok has surpassed every social media platform. In fact, it has become a more popular search engine than google. Interior designers are hopping on the platform to introduce their designs and share tips to gain exposure. The app is known to change small businesses’ lives almost overnight. Learn some tips to get started on the app below.

Pick a Niche – The app is the most popular app in the world. That means you need to find a niche within the interior design category. Some examples include sustainable interior design, budget-friendly interior design hacks, etc.

Be Consistent – Some creators get lucky and take off after one or two posts. Others can take a while to find momentum on the app. Be consistent by posting at least once every day. Study your analytics to strategize what is working and what isn’t. Play around with different types of content and different categories.

Be Authentic – TikTok doesn’t like filtered content. They like authenticity. Share your daily life as an interior designer. Show your audience a peak behind the curtain including the hardships and struggles. People love to connect and relate to people and businesses they follow on TikTok.

Become a Chirpyest member if you’re not one already! Sign up here