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The Popularity of Scandinavian Modern Design

Scandinavian modern design is becoming popular among lovers of interior décor and architecture. Scandinavian designs are said to be founded on craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and clean lines. The origins of Scandinavian designs are deeper than the Hygge-mania of recent years. They became prominent in Europe and America during the modernist movement in the 1950s. This style focuses on democratic and sleek home furnishings at reasonable prices.

Clean interiors, neutral colors, and functional furnishings were the hallmarks of the modernist movement but the Scandinavian designs were also influenced by the short winter days in the Nordic regions. As such, the desire to have a cosy yet bright interior was adopted into the modernist style. This also led to a higher fondness for light-hued colors, open spaces, and simple elegance. Pale-colored walls and spaces which were not cluttered or decorated with ornamentals served more than a function; such a place could serve as the dining room and for special events. As such, Scandinavian designs are very functional.

For this reason, the modern movement was named “Functionalism” in Scandinavia. The designs were considered to be foremost and useful. It clearly shows that function was fused with inspiration from nature which makes it easier for the design to appeal to a greater number of people. Notable designers used teak, birch, rosewood, etc. in their furnishings. As a result, their designs were fantastic combinations of sophistication and practicality. Owing to the finely crafted natural materials Scandinavian designs are made of, the designs connect deeply to most people. Besides, the premium is placed on quality over quantity.

Here are some basics of Scandinavian modern décor:

White walls with colour pops

In Scandinavian designs, you cannot help but notice the dominance of white walls. The designs are all focused on being light and bright, so white is automatically the go-to color choice. Even though white is dominant, the Scandinavians do not avoid other colors. They use other colors in pop instead of immersing a room in it. you can use different hues when painting your walls or get some beautiful wallpapers.

Functionality and nature

Scandinavian furniture pieces are not only beautiful and simple, they are also designed to be as functional as much as possible. They are of perfect height, so sitting in them is super comfortable. Some of the furniture stores you can patronize if you want to get Scandinavian furniture include Bellacor furniture and Dania Furniture. Additionally, Scandinavians are passionate about natural and botanical items. You will see plant forms and characters on the materials. Their organic styles and lines are pleasing to the eye and soothing as well.

Natural materials and open spaces

As stated earlier, comfort, nature, and function are core pillars of Scandinavian designs. Their designers go for natural materials such as wool, cotton, fur, etc. Rugs are mostly made with New Zealand wool and are perfectly hand-knotted. They also use natural vegetable dyes that do not wash away. Also, designers do not like cluttering their spaces. They prefer free and minimalist interiors. This is why the fresh air in a home filled with Scandinavian décor is always available.

Long-hanging lights and combined finishes

Long-hanging lights are another feature of Nordic designs. These lights come in their varieties, but they are simple. You can create a cluster of long-hanging lights in your room or go for a singular view. Coupled with breathtaking beautiful rug designs on the floor, you will be glad you made a good choice. Scandinavian designs also combine wood and metal finishes. For example, you could combine brass and copper to add more shine to a room or brass coffee table with a nice wooden chair.

Soft textiles and fresh plants

Since Sweden, Denmark and Norway have harsh winters, it is only expected that Scandinavian décor will have warm textiles that will provide the coziness and warmth to combat the cold. You will find that some of their materials are made with textiles like sheepskin wool and soft cotton. Besides being used as a decorative element, you can also turn to them for comfort during the cold. Adding fresh plants to your décor is a major pillar of Scandinavian design. The botanicals already present in the décor materials such as rugs and the fresh flowers make your home more welcoming.

Sturdy fireplaces

Due to the prevalence of cold in Scandinavian countries, fireplaces have become important parts of Scandinavian designs. The fireplaces are always inviting, warm, and cozy. It is simple and a great spot for having time to yourself or shutting from the external world. They are like exquisite pieces of art that are so modern and timeless.