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Does Comfort replace windows in the winter?

Does Comfort replace windows in the winter?


Comfort works year-round regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, sleet? No problem. Thunder and lightning? We don’t mess with thunder and lightning. And neither should you. We’ll wait for that to pass…

So, should you let Comfort install windows in the winter?

Absolutely. Our installation process is fast and efficient. It minimizes any exposure to the elements. Many of our window installations are done in one day!


Here are some of the top reasons to replace your windows during the winter:

  • Your Own Comfort – If you don’t “wait till next year” you can enjoy a more comfortable home this year and this winter.
  • Drafty Windows – Cold air is coming in and your furnace is working harder making your heating bills go through the roof.
  • Condensation Between Panes of Glass – A big sign that your home’s “envelope” is not secure and warm air is escaping to the outside.
  • Hard to Open and Close – If you struggle to open or close your windows this can be a major safety hazard. Your windows should open and close with ease.
  • Windows Leak – As the weather starts to churn out wind, cold rain, and snow, a leaky window can be a major concern. Take into account that the wall, the rug, and the furniture around the window can get damaged too.
  • Sound Dampening – Loud plows, loud planes, traffic… if you hear it, time to replace those windows.
  • Shorter Wait Time – Usually window companies and manufacturers experience a winter lull in areas with the harsh cold weather due to the BIG misconception that windows cannot be replaced in cold weather. That means less waiting and faster turnaround times.
  • Very Little Exposure Time – We take out the old window and place in the new window in minutes. So there’s not a big hole in your house for too long!

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