DIY Built In Bookshelves Using the IKEA Billy Bookcase Hack

How to make DIY built in bookshelves with glass front Oxberg doors using the budget-friendly IKEA Billy bookcase hack.

home office DIY built in bookshelves using the IKEA Billy Bookcase hack

Another IKEA Billy bookcase hack in the books! After our third set of these bad boys that we built in the home office makeover, Robert and I could probably make these built in bookshelves in our sleep at this point.

But every time we’ve done one of these hacks, we’ve used a different size or type of Billy bookcase, and with out-of-stock issues popping up at IKEA lately, I thought it would help to make a tutorial for this specific skinny version with glass panel doors so you can adapt to availability.

See our DIY built in entertainment center using tall, wide Billy bookcases here. Or see our DIY playroom built in bookshelves using short, wide Billy bookcases here.

They all follow mostly the same steps, but we feel like we’ve officially mastered DIY built in bookshelves with this method.

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