14/04/2024 7:41 AM

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Change Things Up This Christmas Season With the Latest Trend: Pink Decorations

If you love Christmas and decorating your house, but you want to do something a bit less traditional this year, consider pink Christmas decorations, one of the biggest trends for this year. If you wish to combine pink Christmas decorations with your love of antique items, Vinterior is the place for you! As an online marketplace offering many different vintage items, this is one of many places where you can find some beautiful vintage decorations for Christmas. However, if you don’t like the idea of a pink Christmas, there are also many other decoration trends this year that you can try out for your own Christmas decorations. 

The Tree

When it comes to the Christmas tree and decorations, you can choose a pink one if you want to commit to the pink theme fully. However, you can also choose a white one, which will pair nicely with the pink one and accentuate the theme even more. If you want to keep it slightly traditional, you can still choose a green tree and fill it with pink decorations instead of a completely pink tree. 

The Wreath

For your Christmas wreath, you may find a pink one somewhere, but it may be easier to make your own. You can personalise it and decorate it exactly how you like. Like the tree, you can have a standard green garland or a full pink wreath, which doesn’t need to be made from greenery. Make your pink wreath from wood, pinecones, or paper origami! 

The Ornaments

The ornaments you choose for your Christmas tree depend on which colour tree you pick. For example, a combination of pink, white, gold and silver decorations would look best if you go for a pink tree. You should steer clear of a pink tree with just pink ornaments, as this overkills the theme. However, if the tree you choose is white or green, having only pink ornaments would probably be the best idea to fully stick to the trend of a pink Christmas. You don’t want other decorations of another colour to distract from the pink, especially if your tree is not pink. 

The Table Decor

The table decor lets you go all out with the pink theme and stick to this trend. For example, you can get pink serviettes, pink placemats and even some pink flowers which you can place in clear glass vases or old recycled glass bottles. Of course, you don’t want the pink to be too overwhelming so you can balance it with complementary colours such as white, gold and silver. For example, you may choose gold placements paired with pink serviettes, pink and white flowers and pink glasses for people to drink from! You can finish the look with fairy lights strung across the table.