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Baby Boomers Usher in New Style of Retirement Communities

A new wave of retirees is less intrigued in substantial “retiree” housing developments. They want far more custom made housing possibilities that fit their lively way of living.

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. – Big retirement communities are currently being challenged by a new wave of retirees showing less desire in sprawling housing developments designed for them. Instead, today’s retirees prefer custom made housing possibilities that fit their lively way of living.

The concept of retirement communities isn’t disappearing, but it’s shifting in design and style and spot, CNBC reports. For example, just prior to the pandemic, far more retirement communities were being popping up around higher education campuses so that seniors could go on lifelong learning.

Why universities lender on senior housing

Retirees want to keep lively life. “In some instances, you will have a way of living director who functions like a concierge, who will coordinate different routines inside of the different golf equipment inside the community. … Persons are trying to get a new experience for a period in their life,” claims Jane Marie O’Connor of 55+, a marketing consultant organization that works with builders and builders on senior housing and life. “Retirees are no lengthier relegated to southern weather. They want a community the place they can be lively amongst like-minded friends.”

They are also needing far more customization than a traditional cookie-cutter retirement community. “Over the past six months, we’ve noticed an emphasis on outside space,” O’Connor claims.

Communities that cater to this far more lively retirement way of living are also encouraging seniors combat loneliness – “the major threat to our resident’s health and fitness,” Amy Schectman, president and CEO of 2LifeCommunities, which serves about one,500 seniors in the Boston location, claims. “Our solution to isolation is community. Our people want the mixture of privateness when they want and the community at their doorstep.”

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