What does the metaverse mean for interior design? First, what is the metaverse? If you’re thinking Second Life, think again. The avatar-populated SL existed mostly within an online environment – one we experienced through flat screens. In contrast, the metaverse spans both virtual and real-world physical settings, and it is […]

Home cinemas are the epitome of home entertainment. For film fans, sports fans or anyone who likes to be witness to a spectacle of the highest quality, not many things can beat the huge screen, crystal clear picture and immersive audio of the cinema experience. You may think that home […]

How To Ensure Organizing Systems Are Maintainable Ensuring that organizing systems are maintainable is simply about you. Ask yourself: Are the organizing systems you’ve set up, working? Meaning, are things staying organized? Are the organizing systems you’ve set up, simple? Meaning, are constant questions arising about how or where to […]

Sharing this season’s best neutral Christmas decor. The holiday season is upon us and I have spent hours rounding up the best neutral Christmas decor! This detailed decor guide is your one-stop shop for the best of this season’s Christmas decor. I hope that it not only inspires you but […]